Oven cleaning is important for landlords and tenants. we provide our oven cleaning service to many landlords and tenants.

As a tenant if he oven is not clean it can stop the landlord returning your bond (or part of the bond), likewise using some unsuitable products (or incorrectly using products widely available) can damage the oven and again cause issues with your landlord returning your bond. We often get asked from landlords to document the damage that has been caused by not correctly cleaning the oven.

Likewise for landlords if you have a property that has become vacant and the oven is not properly cleaned it can put off suitable good tenants, leaving you just renting to whoever will take the property. One option is to replace the oven, of course this comes at a high cost. The other more cost effective option is to get it professionally cleaned.

The other issue many landlords find, is if the oven is not used for a few months and there is grime in the oven this can give the house/flat an unpleasant odour from the grease and grime within the oven.

By having the oven professionally valeted, you have the receipt to prove the cost, to pass to your previous tenant and in addition you have proof for the next tenant that it is in a clean condition should they not return the property to you in the same state you have more chance to win any appeal over withholding the bond (or part of bond).

One of the most important tasks, particularly where the kitchen is concerned, is to give the oven a thorough cleaning. After months or even years of use, possibly without any form of cleaning in the interim, an oven can become a trap for grease and grime. This often gives it a far from pleasant odour and can lead to smoke billowing out when in use. Neither of which are particularly good for the living environment, usability or the cooker itself.

Oven cleaning for landlords and tenants in Bridlington, Scarborough, Driffield, Hornsea and surrounding villages

As with any cleaning that needs to be done around the house during or after a tenancy, landlords have the option to do it themselves or to hire a professional company to carry out the work. Where costs are passed on to previous tenants, many prefer to simply bring in the experts and have a thorough job done. In fact, for anybody who wants the highest standard of cleanliness, this often represents the best option.