Below is a few of the frequently asked questions, if they do not answer your query just contact us and we will be happy to answer it for you.

Can I clean it myself?

Of course you can, however many people try and do not get the desired results. We have a special tank in our van to take the removable parts and specialist cleaning equipment and materials to really bring the shine back. In addition we have the skills to remove the glass out of oven doors, and remove and refit the door to clean around the door fully. Its these area where the grime builds up over the years.

How soon after you finish can I use the oven?

You can use the oven immediately, the products we use leave no odour and we ensure the oven is working and ready to use before we leave.

My bulb in the oven is not working

No worries, unlike MOST of the competition we will change it FREE of charge assuming its a standard stock bulb, we only use good quality bulbs so the replacement is not only FREE but also good quality.

Will you clean the glass door on my oven?

Yes our service includes cleaning both inside and outside of the doors, including in between the glass panels, where possible

Do you protect the floor and worktops/unit?

Yes we put sheets and rubber matting down to protect your floor, worktops and kitchen units this also collects any dirt which we remove during the cleaning process.

Does the oven need to be turned on when you clean the oven?

We prefer to clean the oven when its turned on and hot, it also allows us to check the bulb/fan are all working however we can and do clean ovens when it is cold which means we can clean it if it is not in the kitchen. we have cleaned cookers that are in the lounge during decorating etc. We also often clean them in rental properties between tenancies when there is no power turned on.

How soon after the cleaning can I use my oven?

Immediately, there is no need to wait after we have finished to use the oven, we make sure its cleaned and dried for immediate use.

Do I really need to have a clean oven?

Our post covers this in much detail Just look at the post and decide for yourself