Anyone who charges a fee for their work is regarded as being a professional irrespective of the work that is carried out, this includes oven cleaning. As you will appreciate there can be a world of difference between different levels of knowledge and competence between one professional oven cleaner and another, just like a premier league footballer plays to the same rules as a lower league player but of course the premier league player plays to a higher standard and has higher skill levels.

In the world of prices conscious shopping people often simply buy based on price and because there are many people who regard our work as “just oven cleaning”. They think buying the cheapest is the best value. Chepest is the lowest cost but not always best value!

At the lowest level, an enterprising individual may turn up in a car with basic equipment and a little detergent. Some uncaring individuals have been known to turn up with retail shop oven cleaning kits and soap filled scourers! They then move the make back and forth movements in the oven, and rinse it off, of course recovered water will look very dirty so there is an illusion that the oven is clean. Far from it. They have merely removed some of the dirt.

A true oven cleaning professional will have been trained to identify which cleaning products to use on each level of grime and also the best way to remove as much as possible without causing damage. The cleaning process will involve up to eight or maybe more different products and procedures. In a nutshell, a true professional oven cleaner will work to the highest standards.

Ovens can be an expensive purchase for your home. It pays to care for them in the best way possible.

As I hope you will now appreciate a true professional oven cleaner to provide customers with the best and safest clean that will not cause more problems, and with the reassurance of experience, knowledge and proper training, a true professional oven cleaner will need to charge slightly higher fees to cover the legal and essential requirements of running a successful and professional business. A cheaper service may not be the value that you really want.

Price and value are different. Can you really afford to base your purchasing decision on which oven cleaner is the cheapest?

You can rest assured that our cleaning technicians are trained to the highest standards