If you are wondering why should you invest in professional AGA cleaning. An AGA is an expensive item in any kitchen so it deserves respect in its cleaning and maintenance, in addition it is without doubt the focal point in any kitchen and with all eyes on your AGA you really want it cleaned to show it in its best visual appearance.

You can see the build up of carbon on the lids and grease and burnt food on the enamel and cast iron making it look dull and unappealing. Our specialists will bring the shine back

AGA Cleaning service Bridlington

This has Carbon build up on the inside of the door and the aluminum tunnel. This needs expert cleaning to avoid damage to the AGA.

AGA’s unlike many ovens are made from various materials that you can cause untold damage to by incorrectly cleaning it.

From an everyday maintenance point of view due to the high temperatures an AGA gets to it is vital to wipe of drips and splashes as soon as you can. This is best achieved if you have a damp towel/cloth to hand when cooking using an AGA.

Specialist AGA cleaning

The enamel must be cleaned with a product approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association which is want we use. No other cleaner should be used on the enamel as it could cause expensive damage. The aluminum trim inside the doors and lining of the pan lids needs to be carefully cleaned to avoid permanent damage.

Keeping the AGA clean yourself should mean that annual deep cleaning is all that is necessary to maintain it in tip top condition. This is best done just as you are turning it off for the summer or before you light it again for the winter, however if you find you need to get it cleaned during the time it’s in use (or if you use it 12 months of the year) just call us and we can advise on getting it to the right temperature for cleaning. We are experts in AGA cleaning and will happily advise you.

Our AGA cleaning service is available in Bridlington, Hornsea, Driffield and Scarborough and surrounding towns and villages.

We will bring that shine back to your AGA and make it that focal point that you are truly proud of.

Take a look at our prices and see how affordable an AGA clean is.