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Clean As A New Pin is a local oven cleaning specialist company in Bridlington and surrounding area to the private and commercial customer.

Family owned a run using our many years experience to make sure you get the service you need. We treat your oven the way we would treat our own and clean up after ourselves.

Bridlington’s Independent Oven Cleaning Specialists

Our service standards are maintained by our highly trained cleaning technicians. A team of two cleaning technicians turn up to every job. We also guarantee you will be happy with our service with our satisfaction guarantee.

'If you have tried the rest its now time to try the best' with our satisfaction guarantee

satisfaction guarantee

Even if you think your oven is too dirty to clean. No matter how bad you think your oven is we have seen worse. Look at some of the images in our gallery if you are still unsure

We use the latest technology and equipment. This makes sure that the service that we provide is to the highest standards and professionalism.

Oven cleaning is one of the most hated chores in many homes and most people put it of till tomorrow.

And before you know it, the state of the oven has become so bad that it makes you not want to challenge it.

We challenge you to let us show you how good your oven can look again!

Our cleaning technicians will make sure you are happy with the result and you will NOT be disappointed.

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Although we are a local business providing oven Cleaning in Bridlington. We serve customers in many parts of the East Riding of Yorkshire and North Yorkshire as detailed on the map below. We cover all the towns and cities in the map and the villages in between.

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Oven cleaners Driffield
Oven cleaning Bridlington and surrounding area

Bridlington based but not limited to only serving Bridlington. We bring or van and skills to you.

Our prices are all inclusive of oven bulbs, unlimited trays and shelves.

If you have a self cleaning oven you may think that as it says in the name, its self cleaning. We do clean many of these because they often do not get to the required teperature to self clean. This means that the same build up of grime, carbon and mess that standard ovens gets also builds on your 'self cleaning oven'. By the time you reaslise it then its often too late for you to tackle it yourself but thats where our experts come in. We clean many of these ovens in Bridlington and the surrounding areas.



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We are available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm so call when its convenient for you.
We cover Bridlington, Scarborough, Filey, Driffield and surrounding villages
Phone: 01262 722721 or 07472089734


We are oven cleaning specialists cleaning ovens for homeowners, tenants, landlords and Commercial kitchens. We provide our oven cleaning services in Bridlington, oven cleaning services in Scarborough, Oven cleaning services in Driffield, Oven cleaning in Hornsea, Landlord Oven Cleaning, tenant oven cleaning and commercial oven cleaning.
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